Afghan Wellness Club (AWC)

Health & Welfare
Based in: Fremont, United States
About Afghan Wellness Club (AWC)

Afghan Wellness Club (AWC) was established on May 2015, to create an everlasting platform by filling a huge void in community engagement and health awareness. It was designed as a gateway to gather our brothers, sisters, family and friends in our local niche to work together and establish a proactive lifestyle that benefits everyone. We emphasize motivating one another with the power of MANY. Our primary focus is not only centered on physical health but overall wellbeing of the entire population. We believe in targeting localized areas that have the greatest need first (generally highly Afghan populated areas), in hopes of fostering community leaders within, that will then pass it along and create a link of unity state wide and hopefully internationally. In the end, the goal to achieving success is always far more effective in numbers. We challenge you all to step outside of your nest and collectively be the advocate for change and in doing so help build a stronger, health conscious community for decades to come.

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