Based in: Kabul, Afghanistan
About Khanagi

The smell of fresh bread is said to be the most universally loved smell on the planet. Bread is part of Afghan identity, rooted so deep in our culture that no meal is complete without it. KHANAGi only uses grain grown by local Afghan farmers. We oversee the entire milling process to ensure our grain retains all its essential nutrients, and to guarantee that we are baking only the best and nutritious bread. Our health mission does not stop at providing you with homemade, quality, whole grain Afghani bread. Our breads are topped with selected healthy toppings such as black seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts and raisins; all these have been associated with a wide range of health benefits. KHANAGi’s cozy and welcoming atmosphere, infused with the aroma of our in-house tandoor, offers you a selection of healthy sides to complement our freshly baked breads. Come and taste our locally sourced fruit jams, locally produced paneer, khagina, halwa, fresh milk cream (qaimagh) and other hearty seasonal sides. KHANAGi breads are baked fresh daily. We distribute any unsold fresh bread to people in need.

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